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Marlene Hutchinson has more than 35 years of music experience including guitar, vocal, piano and clarinet. She is the author and producer of books, CDs and a DVD and has appeared on PBS.

In 2003 Marlene created a simple method of learning to play guitar that has influenced and inspired guitarists around the United States and Canada. Her method was developed on the theory that guitar playing can be taught to everyone and that everyone can learn these techniques quickly and easily.

In 2009 she created and launched a one day workshop called "Learn to Play Guitar in a Day!"    to meet the needs of busy adults. The workshop is equivalent to 6 weekly private lessons. In 2011 Marlene produced a DVD of the workshop which debuted on PBS in 2012.

Marlene teaches privately in Orange County, California and travels the United States teaching her "Learn to Play Guitar in a Day!"     workshops. 

The Marlene's Music "happenings" are published in the quarterly newsletter, Staying in Tune...with Marlene's Music. Featuring Marlene's Music updates, guitar events, "Tips From Marlene" and more! Check out our latest issue Summer 2014

The Marlene's Music Store opened in 2005, initially to accommodate the guitar accessory needs (strings, stands, etc) of her private students The Marlene's Music Store has grown to include a variety of quality guitar products and accessories and is available to all at the on-line Marlene's Music Store.

In June and December Marlene hosts a Guitar Fest for her students. Many students play solos, duets & trios, as well as jam with other guitarists. This year marks the 9th year of Guitar Fest fun!

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